WebSerial API on WINDOWS – "DOMException: Failed to open serial port."

I am trying to use the WebSerial API on Windows after it worked fine on macOS with no problem. The device was plugged into a Macbook and no extra action was required. When I connect the device (USB to Serial adapter) to a Windows machine and access my Angular website using Google Chrome, I get this error:

DOMException: Failed to open serial port.

When I access chrome://device-log/ I see this error:

[USB][ERROR][17:09:20] Failed to read descriptor from node connection:
A device attached to the system is not functioning. (0x1F)

Below is the code that I am using, and an error is displayed when code runs line await this.scale.open({ baudRate: 9600 });.

const VENDOR_ID = 1027;
const PRODUCT_ID = 24577;


  let button = document.getElementById('request-device');
    button.addEventListener('click', async () => {
      try {

        this.scale = await navigator.serial.requestPort({
          filters: [{
            usbProductId: PRODUCT_ID,
            usbVendorId: VENDOR_ID
        await this.scale.open({ baudRate: 9600 }); //ERROR HAPPENS HERE

      } catch (error) {

There are two similar questions here on for Ubuntu but no answers or solutions were given. (Question 1 and Question 2)

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