Force void to return anything

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I made a bet with my friend to complete a task to write specific software only in one line of code: to display current time in specific order and a text with five characters only once a second.
Currently I’m struggling with forcing void into any kind of type. Currently I’m stuck at this:

[c](time_t a)-> char*
        Sleep(strftime(c, 32, "%H:%M:%S ABCDE", localtime(&a)));

See how I initialized time() to local a by using anonymous functions of C++11 to use that by reference of localtime as it only gets local-scope value. However I’m primarly stuck at using:

void Sleep(DWORD milliseconds);

You can’t cast void to any other type or void* as it’s non-return type, however in assembler it’s always some rubbish value that exists in EAX/RAX register after void return- even if I could grab that ‘rubbish’ that would finalize my task.

I can use Unix sleep() as it returns UINT, but I’m just curious if it’s possible (I Though about __asm block but it can’t be used in lambdas)

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