Web Server Nodemcu control panel

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1st Goal – Get Sensor Data.
2nd Goal – Create a panel to configure the NODEMCU.
The NodeMCU would act as in softAP, therefore utilizing both Hotspot and WiFi connectivities

    -To control the NodeMCU, you would under normal circumstances connect to it's HOTSPOT
     and access the IPAddress configured in it. ( or the Webserver.

    -It should be able to be configured so that it can connect to a WiFi Network via the
     Webserver from the softAP.

    (Which meant that the NodeMCU could act as both a server- for your device to access a control panel
    in which you could interact with it to configure it's settings to connect 'as a client' to your home network)

What to configure?
    -NodeMCU Connecting to another Wifi Network.
        *Using a web server built-in the NODEMCU.
        *A simple input-submit form - that saves the SSID and Password.
            [Example] Just like the Admin Control Panel of a Router?

In actual fact, I have seen a working example of this, in this WIFI Repeater NodeMCU device , the concept that I am trying to do is virtually the same
but unfortunately the technical details of my capstone project is underdeveloped as of yet and the example "https://github.com/martin-ger/esp_wifi_repeater"
that I want to understand has too many files and… a little bit overwhelming to understand.

I just want to create a simplified version of this, any help is appreciated!

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