ActiveMQ 5.16.3 Windows and Hawtio Login Problems

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I’ve installed Apache ActiveMQ 5.16.3 on my windows 10 laptop for testing purposes
And i downloaded hawtio 2.13.3 as a webapp for monitoring.

Steps i did to install and configure :

  1. Downloaded ActiveMQ and extracted it to a folder
  2. Downloaded Hawtio and extracted it at ActiveMQ webapps folder
  3. Added Hawtio as a resource under jetty.xml file
  4. Added -dhawtio configurations under activemq file at bin folder
  5. Ran ActiveMQ service installer "InstallService.bat"
  6. Ran ActiveMQ Service and navigated to
  7. ActiveMQ works , i now navigate to
  8. I attempted logging in using the default user and password (admin,admin)
  9. I received an error stating my credentials are invalid

After attempting to login to hawtio web i notice this error in my activemq batch file

INFO  | qtp1675905101-41 | Hawtio login is using 1800 sec. HttpSession timeout
WARN  | qtp1675905101-41 | Login failed due to: No LoginModules configured for karaf

Did i miss something on the way?


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