Sync problem when adding new files to S3 to be served with IIS

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I have a very particular problem,

We migrated one legacy system to AWS, this legacy system is running on Windows and serving pages using IIS

We mounted S3 as a volume (Z:) in Windows using NetDrive.

When we add new files to Z:, the IIS can’t recognize that new files were added, and won’t serve the new pages.

The solution until now is to access the windows machine and click on the restart IIS manually,

I believe that once restarted it scans the folders again and it has no problem delivering the new files

I’ve set the cache to 0 within the IIS, but the problem persist

Is there a known way of dealing with this or should I develop a script that restart the IIS every time that a new file is added (Like an F5 button)?

Thanks in advance

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