5G USB Wifi adapter connects to 2.4g wifi easily but never connects in 5g [closed]

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I use a windows 10 laptop. Recently I bought a USB 5G Wifi adapter. This unit specifically. When I installed it, it connected to 5G, but it was extremely unstable, almost unusable. It frequently disconnects and then refuses to connect afterwards. In times it remains connected the ping randomly skyrockets, becomes unusable and then returns to normal.

Recently, it just refuses to connect in 5G at all.

I thought the USB adapter was the problem? That it was a faulty unit. Until I connected to the 2.4g network and it connected fine. It connected easily. Seamless, even. There are no ping spikes, there are no random disconnection. It worked just as well as my laptop’s built in adapter.

Is this something I can fix? Should I give up? Do I just buy another WIFI adapter? I am willing to buy another WIFI adapter because the boost that switching from 2.4g to 5g is so wide of a gap and it makes me do more. I really want to make 5g work.

Thank you in advance.

This is my router unit.
This is my laptop.

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