svchost.exe listening on port 5037, stops adb.exe from working

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I’ve been troubleshooting this for hours and I’m so lost.

My Android Studio (Windows) has stopped being able to find devices, which I assumed was some kind of problem with adb. I navigated to the platform-tools folder and tried to run adb from there:

C:UsersLeonardoPetrucciAppDataLocalAndroidplatform-tools>adb devices
adb.exe: failed to check server version: protocol fault (couldn't read status): No error

To fix this, I tried every solution I could find:

  • Restarting
  • Stopping adb.exe from task manager
  • Reinstalling platform tools and Android Studio

None of this worked. So I went to check if there was something using port 5037 (the default Android Studio port):

C:UsersLeonardoPetrucciAppDataLocalAndroidplatform-tools>netstat -aon|findstr "5037"
  TCP               LISTENING       16420

C:UsersLeonardoPetrucciAppDataLocalAndroidplatform-tools>tasklist|findstr "16420" 
svchost.exe                  16420 Services                   0     13,744 K

If I then go into Task Manager and stop process 16420 and try to run adb again:

C:UsersLeonardoPetrucciAppDataLocalAndroidplatform-tools>adb devices
* daemon not running; starting now at tcp:5037
* daemon started successfully
List of devices attached

The problem here is that svchost.exe will randomly start up again and take over the port and if I restart, I need to do this whole process again.

Any idea why this would be happening?

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