I think Windows is the problem, what do you think? [closed]

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There is an error that has been bothering me since 2 years ago:

enter image description here

Studying openGL, I always got an error that didn’t happen to other friends. No problem with my code! (Runs fine on my friends computer) But I always run into problems on my desktop.I checked to see if the CPU was the problem, but there was no problem. There seems to be something strange with the Windows operating system, but I don’t know how to fix it! When Windows is reinstalled, it works normally, but after a while it does not work even though the code is the same. I deleted the update because I thought it was due to windows update. This seems to have been fixed for a while, but rebooting the computer doesn’t work again.

I just ran the code shown here.

Whenever I do a assignment, I leave my desktop behind and do it on my laptop.

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