Is the qpid proton API supposed to work with the qpid C++ broker?

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I’m looking into the C++ AMQP implementations in Apache Qpid.

I’ve installed the C++ broker and I’m able to simply launch it by:

qpidd -p 8080

The obvious library choice to create client code is the proton API which has some examples. When running the following:

./simple_send -a

I get

amqp:connection:framing-error: Expected AMQP protocol header got:
Unknown protocol [‘AMQPx00x00x09x01’]

To my understanding, the proton API expects a "version 10" of the AMQP protocol and (as the error says) gets back an "09". Is this the case? Can I overcome this error?

qpidd has an option --protocols but I don’t know how to specify the version 10 (passing strings like "AMQP 10" results in "error no protocols specified")

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