Local Group Permissions not working when dealing with Printers Windows/AD

  active-directory, printing, windows

Hello I recently noticed that on a machine I admin that the list of printers in my print management and my devices and printers view differ. This wouldn’t be a problem but some programs only show printers in the devices and printers list. I should see all the printers in the devices and printers view on this machine as my AD users is a member of the local machines group Administrators which is set on all the printers but for some reason I can’t. I can see all the printers in the print management view and manage them. If I add my AD user to a printer, it immediately shows up as a printer in devices and printers for me and goes away once I remove my AD users from the security tab of that printer. This also works if I add an AD group to the printer I’m a member of.

Additionally the local administrators group has my AD user in it and AD groups I’m a part of. The machine I’m working on is windows 2016. Since the local group administrators already has security permissions on all the printers why can’t any of the members see the printers?

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