About using directives in namespace in header files [duplicate]

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(This is kind of related to a previous question.)

Core guideline SF.7 gives a good motivation for avoiding to put using namespace directives at global scope in a header file.

However, even writing using namespace in a non-global namespace can be problematic. For example:

  • header1.hpp
    #include <boost/hana/transform.hpp>
    namespace ab {
        using namespace boost::hana;
        inline constexpr auto a = transform;
  • header2.hpp
    #include <range/v3/view/transform.hpp>
    namespace ab {
        using namespace ranges::views;
        inline constexpr auto b = transform;
  • main.cpp
    #include "header1.hpp"
    #include "header2.hpp"
    // here ab::b is ambiguous
    int main() {

    with error (from clang)

    In included file: reference to 'transform' is ambiguous
    note: error occurred here
    note: candidate found by name lookup is 'boost::hana::transform'
    note: candidate found by name lookup is 'ranges::views::transform'

Is there a reason why the guidelines don’t mention this?

Should we entirely avoid using namespace n;/using n::x;/namespace n = m; at namespace scope?

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