‘bash: make: command not found’ on windows after setting environment variable

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I need to install make command on windows, and I am told to follow the guide here: https://gist.github.com/evanwill/0207876c3243bbb6863e65ec5dc3f058#make, which is quoted as follows:

  • Go to ezwinports.
  • Download make-4.1-2-without-guile-w32-bin.zip (get the version without guile).
  • Extract zip.
  • Copy the contents to your Gitmingw64 merging the folders, but do NOT overwrite/replace any existing files.

(Keep in mind you can easy add make, but it doesn’t come packaged with all the standard UNIX build toolchain–so you will have to ensure those are installed and on your PATH, or you will encounter endless error messages.)

But after finishing those steps (extract zip and merging the folders), I run the make command and get a bash: make: command not found error.

I have added ‘C:Program FilesGitmingw64bin’ to my PATH environment variable and have confirmed that file ‘make.exe’ exists in ‘C:Program FilesGitmingw64bin’.

I find one or two similar problems asked under the comments of the guide website, but they just haven’t get answers;

and I also find some answers on stackOverFlow that says using choco install make instead, but I’m not sure if these two packages are the same.

Can you give me some suggestions to fix this?

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