Compare named requirement expressed with C++20 concepts

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I am writing a sorting algorithm, that takes a comparison function, similar to std::sort:

template <class RandomIt, class Compare>
void sort(RandomIt first, RandomIt last, Compare comp);

It seems to me that the template parameter Compare perfectly matches the Compare named requirement. I am trying to understand how to specify that constraint using C++ 20 concepts, such as std::strict_weak_order and std::equivalence_relation, but I am slightly confused.

If I quote the article on cppreference,

The type T satisfies Compare if
The type T satisfies BinaryPredicate, and Given
comp, an object of type T
equiv(a, b), an expression equivalent to !comp(a, b) && !comp(b, a)

std::strict_weak_ordering could capture my constraints on comp in the description above, but what about equiv? std::equivalence_relation takes a relation as a first template parameter. What would it be in my sorting function?

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