Whice configuration is better ? configure FastCGI module on IIS for a django web app using wfastcgi.exe or python.exe with an argument wfastcgi.py

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So I have been learning to deploy a django web application on IIS Web Server. I had successfully deployed it. However, when configuring FastCgiModule on handler mapping, I noticed that the requested executable optional are .dll or .exe file.

capture of the requested file for FastCgiModule

But, I have read some tutorials and all of them are not using .dll or .exe file on their FastCgiModule, instead they use

'path to python.exe'|'path to wfastcgi.py'

this way works. Then I tried another way to configure this using

'path to wfastcgi.py'

and it also works.

So I have surfed on internet a few days but I couldn’t find the answer which way is better.

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