What is the correct path to follow for automatic file backup?

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I need the following features.

I want to backup the folders I want from my computer and phone.

I need a backup solution like below but I am undecided on what to do. I’m sure you feel such needs, what software, internet service, disk etc. are you using?

Features I want:

  1. I will put Client Disk and Disk Software behind a modem at home that is constantly connected to the internet.

2-) I want it to send the folders I selected in windows OS to the Disk from the computer with a Client software that I will install on Windows OS. 5 different PCs (2 servers 3 clients)

Even if I’m not logged in on windows os, I want a software running as a service to do this as the file is added

a) c:a*.*
b) c:bc*.*
c) d:def*.*

3-) I want the files to be backed up to disk with a software I will install on Android Mobile OS.

4-) I want the files in the folder I selected to be backed up to disk with a software I will install on IOS os.

5-) I want to be able to access Disk Client software from an ip address such as and see my files.

What kind of product and service should I buy to achieve these?

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