Is there a way in C++ to make scoped global variables?

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Let’s say I have a program which uses n big modules:

A) Network/Communication

B) I/O files

C) I/O database


E) …

Of course, a list of modules could be bigger.

Let’s say I want to have some global variable, but with a scope limited to a single module.

As an example, let’s say that I/O database module will consist of 10 classes, each representing each table in a database, but it needs some global const state like Name of table A, Columns of table A etc. (as it is a relational database, in table D I may need to use table A).
It is also obvious, that I do not need to access these table names through Network/Communication module. Is there a way to make a variable "globally" accessible only for some part of classes?

Just for clarification – I know that "Global for some part" is a contradiction, but my idea is that I want to keep the accessibility(no need of pointer passing to each object), while limiting the place from where it can be called (for example, limit from global to module scope)

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