Why use Python instead of C++? [closed]

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I have been tinkering around with Python for about four weeks now. I have coded a simple OpenGL based 3D shooter with it to learn the language. Right now I am wondering why people are using Python, when everything that needs to be performant needs to be written in C or C++ and linked to Python via it’s C interface.

I am not trying to provoke, I’d just like to understand what use cases Python might excel in.

I am coming from C++, and I understand basic advantages and disadvantages of compiled vs. interpreted languages. But in the end, everything boils down to performance (and frameworks). The only thing Python might be useful for me is for really quickly trying new algorithms, rapid prototyping if you will. But I guess Python is more than kind of a preprocessor for C++ programming.

I am not sure whether this is a valid question on SO, but alas, I’ll try.

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