Some app buttons are available only after mouse movement

  appium, python, pywinauto, windows

I’m testing some quite old and messy app. It’s mashup of many coding styles and languages.
Trying to write autamation in python using Appium or in pywinauto (trying both to choose one)
There are few controls which is visible in the app, but both (Appium and pywinauto) can’t find them unless I move cursor above some nearby buttons.
First I thought it’s because there is two DevExpress tabs nested one in another with exactly the same names and IDs. I’ve tried to get to each one one step by step and the problem is something else. I can get to one point and can’t get go further because it seems like there’s nothing inside. After moving cursor above two buttons in other tab, the buttons I needed "magically" appeared inside the class that was supposed to be empty.

Is there any solution for controls which needed mouse movement to appear?

Screenshot from to show how messy it is:
I need that selected Text and can’t pass the one just below last DXTabItem

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