Converting From template base class nested class to template derived class nest class


Sorry from confusing title.

I am making a Red-Black Tree, that inherits from a Binary Search Tree.

The Binary Search Tree has a nested class, called Node, which has exactly what you’d expect.

Now for the RB Tree, obviously I need to store the nodes colour, so therefore I inherit from BST::Node, another Node Class which adds the colour.

Now the problem I am having is that it cannot convert a BST::Node to a RBT::Node.
This is how the code is setup:


template<typename T>
class BinarySearchTree
  struct Node

        T m_Value;

        Node* m_pLower;

        Node* m_pHigher;

        Node* m_pParent;



template<typename T>
class RedBlackTree : public BinarySearchTree<T>
  struct Node : public BinarySearchTree<T>::Node
      bool m_bColour;

So when I am doing something in the RBT, such as repairing the tree or whatever, using a
RBT::Node, I get an error saying:
‘=’: cannot convert from ‘BinarySearchTree<int>::Node *’ to ‘RedBlackTree<int>::Node *’

For Example:

Node* pParent = pNode->m_pParent;

Thanks in advance.

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