How can I get the row view of data read from parquet file?

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Example: Let’s say a table name user has id, name, email, phone, and is_active as attributes. And there are 1000s of users part of this table. I would like to read the details per user.

void ParquetReaderPlus::read_next_row(long row_group_index, long local_row_num)
    std::vector<int> columns_to_tabulate(this->total_row);
    for (int idx = 0; idx < this->total_row; idx++)
        columns_to_tabulate[idx] = idx;

    int rg = this->total_row_group;

    // Read into table as row group rather than the whole Parquet file.
    std::shared_ptr<arrow::Table> table;
    this->file_reader->ReadRowGroup(row_group_index, columns_to_tabulate, &table);
    auto rows = table->num_rows();
    // Now I am confused how to proceed from here

Any suggestions?

I am confused if converting the ColumnarTableToVector will work?

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