how to show/display real time data in react js my using external javascript

  c++, emscripten, javascript, reactjs, webassembly

i am working on a project i which i used c++,javascript,Emscripten.

C++ part

In my c++ part i have struct alike

struct Person
       int name;
       string type;

So for generating person data i made a function which sets values and return object

Web Assembly or Emscripten

So for sending and using c++ in javascript on frontend i used emscripten.

It perfectly working.Data is generating from c++ and displaying in console in js/html file (only in console)

Problems i am facing right now:

1- data in not showing in real time on html page.When all data reloads then it shows on html(i also tried approach of async and script tag up and down in body of html)
2- How i can use this tag and data in displayed in real time in my react app.

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