Redmine, Visual Studio Community(C#) and Merging Branches "Clones" Project folder


I should explain exactly the issue I am having here. I am involved in a Software Group and we are doing a school project. We all are using Visual Studio Community 2019 with C# with the incorporation of Redmine as our repository. We each were assigned individual tasks and have a "Master Branch", "Develop Branch" and each person a subsequent branch based on the task we have(Our branches are based on Develop which in turn is based on Master). In our case, we are making a virtual check so one person has the input GUI, output GUI, etc. We finally had enough in each branch where we could merge them. We first merged them locally to resolve any issues or conflicts it would have(EX: Merged out_gui into Develop, resolved conflicts then pushed to remote). Everything worked fine there to our knowledge. We each took turns doing this and finally pushed to develop one at a time. Its when we pull and push develop after the previous person is when the problem happens. I noticed in Visual Studios solution explorer I had two duplicate class files after pulling develop and was missing a whole file from another person that they had pushed to develop. I checked the repository and everything merged correctly and pushed there correctly. I tried pulling from the repository again and it said it was up to date. I then realized that somehow the parent folder got cloned! the .sln file which Visual Studio uses to actually launch the solution had not been copied over inside the new folder, rather outside of the folder where all the files were previously(EX of Before: projectFolder/<project1.sln><file.cs>, EX of After:projectFolder/<project1.sln>/projectFolder/<file.cs>). I then checked my local file system where my repo was being held (users/source/repos/projectFolder) and everything is there! Except, as mentioned, the sln file was not in the cloned project folder now but outside of it. The only fix I have of now is changing from sln view to folder view to actually see my project in solution explorer. There could be a lot of factors to why this happened with it either being a VS issue, Redmine, something wasn’t pushed quite right, etc. I just thought I would post this question to someone that would know a little more than me. I hope I was concise enough in my explanation and will answer any questions you might have about the situation!

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