Best approach for web front end that can be distributed with Node.js pkg as standalone app

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We have a C++ based desktop app we’d now like to add remote control functionality to.
In essence just a list of elements where different properties can be changed, e.g. like in an Excel spreadsheet.

We first thought we’d just create a platform native app but since we will require rather basic functionality and something that works on macOS, Windows as well as mobile we’re looking into a web-based solution now with a REST interface.

Hence our desktop app will need to provide a web server as well as the server-side code. I’m a C/C++/Objective-C developer with very limited understanding of web technologies so I tried my best to find the best solution for this.

Since the existing C++ web server frameworks are all rather low-level I think it makes more sense to ship the server as a separate standalone app and communicate with the desktop app through simple TCP channels.

I found that Node.js based apps can be turned into dependency-free applications using the pkg tool which seems to work well and would be just perfect for our use case (I don’t want to install Node on the users’ systems and I also want to avoid shipping large binaries as dependencies – e.g. the Node executable). But it is my understanding that I also need some kind of UI framework since Node.js will only be used as a runtime environment basically.

So I had a look at Angular but I don’t find anything about packaging up the UI part as part of the pkg process.

I’m admittedly overwhelmed by the number of different frameworks and technologies and I know that what I’m doing is probably not what most people are looking for. So I’d appreciate some insight from someone with more knowledge in this area. Thanks in advance!

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