Creating and reading files to be manually transferred to or from Windows

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First, let me say that today is the first time I’ve ask a question on SO, so please be tolerant if I don’t phrase my question according to the rules or make myself clear. I have reviewed these problems in SO and can’t seem to find an up-to-date solution THAT ACTUALLY WORKS.

My problems deal with creating and accessing files being transferred between Windows and Android 11.

I have an android karaoke app that reads karaoke files previously transferred from Windows. I manually created a ‘Karaoke’ folder on an external SD card and manually copied the karaoke MP3 and CDG files into that folder’s sub-folders. I was then able to programmatically access those files within my app. Under Android 11, I can still access the MP3 files but not the CDG files. What is the best option to solve this problem.

Likewise, I was backing up my app database located in protected storage to the removable SD card. I could then manually transfer the backup files to Windows. This no longer works under Android 11. What is the best option to solve this problem.

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