type confusion : encrypting socket data by crypto++/AES_cbc

  aes, c++, crypto++, encryption, sockets

c++ is killing me, i know this question is little chaos, could someone give me some tips or links.

my purpose: receiving data form socket, encrypt it by crypto++/AES_cbc, and then send the encrypted data and IV to proxy server (python or java), and decrypt data at server side.

c++ get vector(char) data type from socket. so i convert vector(char) to string for crypto++ StringSource, after encryption, do i have to convert string to vector(byte) for sending? because server side is Python or java, receiving data in byte type.

i have to convert IV to string by CryptoPP::Base64Encoder for sending together with encrypted data(string), but how to convert string IV back to CryptoPP::SecByteBlock ?

maybe I get totally wrong direction to do this, is there a clear and simple way for it? for example, get byte type from socket and encrypt with cryptoPP::vector(byte) and send out with IV byte?

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