"Attach Debugger" option unavailable in Microsoft Excel Add-In

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I want to debug and check the console for error in client’s system but I am unable to "Attach Debugger". The attach debugger button is missing when I try it in client’s system.

Sample of add-in attach debugger

If you see the image, this button (Attach Debugger) is present for me in my system but it is missing in client’s system.

Client is also getting some error which I am not able to replicate in any of the systems which I have access to. So I need attach debugger to work on his system.

The client is using:

  1. Windows 10, 10.0.19042 Build 19042
  2. Microsoft Excel Version 2008, Build 13127.21736
  3. Microsoft Office Version 16.0.13___(I only know till .13)
  4. He has latest Microsoft Edge installed.

My Add-In is using Javascript ExcelApi Version 1.2
I have checked that these specifications should be enough for attaching debugger. I have tried a bunch of stuff but nothing is working. Even right-clicking on the add-in gives us option of "Inspect". But right-click does not work on client’s add-in.

I have tested the add-in in various other systems, and although there are no errors, the debugger can be attached in all of those systems.

Please help me debug the code on client’s system and see the errors in console.

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