Is it possible to use a custom allocator to allocate an arbitrary sized area?

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I have a container class that manages the underlying memory in different chunks. The number of chunks varies with the number of objects stored in the container. I allocate a new chunk of memory whenever the container is about to exceed the currently available memory. And also, deallocate a chunk whenever it is no longer in use. So, the number chunks are variable during runtime. Therefore, I’ve to store the chunk pointers in a dynamically growing/shrinking array.

/*** Container Class ***/
template<class T, class Allocator = std::allocator<T>>
class CustomContainer{
    // Some member methods here..

    void createNewChunk()
        // Some code goes here ...

        newChunkAddr = new T*[CHUNK_SIZE];

    void destroyChunk(T* chunkAddr)
         // Some code goes here ...

         delete [] chunkAddr;

    /*** Members ***/
    // Some other members ...
    std::size_t size        = 0;
    T**         chunks      = nullptr;
    Allocator   allocator;

Everything is well as long as the system that uses this container has a heap, thus a properly implemented operator new. The problem occurs when the system doesn’t use the operator new and the user assumes that the container will allocate any dynamic resource using the Allocator it provides.

Immediately after a quick brainstorm, I thought that I can use the allocate method of the std::allocator_traits class for allocating the space required. Unfortunately, that method can only allocate areas of a size which is an exact multiple of the template value type used in the allocator. Here is the explanation of the corresponding function:

Uses the allocator a to allocate n*sizeof(Alloc::value_type) bytes of
uninitialized storage. An array of type Alloc::value_type[n] is
created in the storage, but none of its elements are constructed.

Here is the question, what is the proper way of allocating/deallocating the space for storing the chunk pointers?

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