Windows .bat Scripting: Open VSCODE and run npm start within the terminal

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i want to create a Windows shell script that opens vscode in a given directory and executes ‘npm start’ within vs code. Is that possible? I am facing some problems, hopefully you can help me.

My Script

@echo off
set codePath=C:Usersreposource
set currrentWorkingDirectory=%cd%
set VSCODE="C:Program FilesMicrosoft VS Codecode.exe"


echo start service UI ...
set service_ui_path=%codePat%project1service-ui

call %VSCODE% %service_ui_path%

npm start

1. Problem

When I call %VSCODE% %service_ui_path%, VSCode is opening but i can see the log information there, so the terminal is blocked by the VSCode operations – how can I stop that?
The same counts for npm start

2. Problem

I want to call the npm start command within VSCode, but I want to determine this in the .bat file.
Is there any possiblity to do so? I coulndĀ“t find anything online about that.

Many thanks in advance.

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