CLion debugger does not show frames or variables

  c++, clion, cmake, debugging

Im writting a small C++ application and everything works fine so far. But somehow the debugger shows me no frames and no variables. I also can not step through the program. Though, it halts at my breakpoint. It looks like in the screenshot.

enter image description here

I use the Microsoft toolchain and CMake. If i go to "Settingy->Build, Execution, Deployment->Toolchains" everything looks fine. Compiling and execution also works. The "Toolchains" tab shows me that I have selected "Bundled LLDB" as debugger. For newly empty created projects the debugger works.

I have included two libraries which I have built without debug information. But that should not be the problem since the main program is built with the debug flag. At least that is what I suppose CMake is doing. My CMake is very simple, it only uses "include_directories", "link_directories", "link_libraries", "file" and "add_executable" commands.

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