Harddrive and External Drive corruption

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Ok the resolution was to delete each volume and then format the drive(formatting the drive did nothing productive). I had a weird problem occur and I’m trying to make sense of the solution so I do not repeat me mistake. Last week my computer’s File Explorer crashed in Windows 10. This wasn’t the first error had a few blue screens throughout the weekend. When I logged in the processes seemed to work normally, until I clicked on File Explorer and then it(FE) crashed causing a refresh to the screen. After a few reboots, updates, scans = no change. So I booted into windows recovery and no option of reset (with or without data) allowed me to format the drives (got error when keeping them saying something a volumes and then without saying it didn’t have access to the drive. I then ran diskchk no change next ran diskpart and cleaned the drive; now I thought Windows would not boot and my BIOS would give me a warning, but that didn’t happen it allowed me into the login screen. Weider it wouldn’t let me login after the windows screen would be loaded in. It only displayed the login picture then the picture goes fuzzy as to let you login. It gave you access to network power and accessibility, still no change in windows recovery to reset everything. I then tried to used a Windows install disk same issue (it recognized there was still a windows version running and didn’t allow me through the next menu). I then tried to load windows on an external drive, I had connected to the PC for testing, using Raspbain. The external drive showed my drive on my PC while not connected to it but claimed it contained these volumes and cannot me mounted onto. I wiped the volume table and then formatted the drive, I’m still a novice at Linux and was not able to setup the external to boot properly. I then disconnected all my drives. Connected my main drive to the pi wiped out the volume table(which still showed the other drives) and then formatted and used a Boot disc and re-installed windows. I’ve been going through each drive (adjusting their tables and wiping them after backing up certain data) but I can’t find anything that may have cause this failure. So 3 more drives to test on the see where or how this issue occurred.

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