Memory Profile Java JNI classes/structs that are generated in C/C++

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We are using Java 11 with Spring Boot and we are running our application in Docker Container in AWS ECS.
Our application is responsible for processing images, and our Java code calls C/C++ code through JNI in order for some image manipulation.
Recently, after some changes have been introduced on C side, we are seeing Container out of memory issues (not JVM OOM).
My question being the following -> is there some tool like VisualVM where you can see what objects are there for the native memory (not the Java Heap – VisualVM does that)
This would mean something like profiling with jcmd ${process} VM.native_memory, but instead of getting only the below output from that operation, to get something more in detail where you can see which C/C++ classes/structs are in memory at that time?
enter image description here

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