How to create VBS script that writes in both 32 and 64 bit to all users HKCU… hive (including default and domain user)

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It’s about configuring a new windows configuration template without any forced policies.
I need a Visual basic script (VBS) which can access all users HKCU registry hive (not the HKLM!), including domain users and the default one for future users, and with option to define approach to 32 and 64 bit (or bypass the windows redirection).

What I found out so far:

  • "RegUpdateAllHkcuHkcr.vbs" (by Mick Grove) works for all users but can’t approach specific 32/64 bit (
  • The script from "" can handle 32/64 Bit, but for the current user only.

=> For me there is no way to combine these two script methods named above.

Can someone help me, please?

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