Visual Studio 2010 stops implementing changes to executables

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I believe there is a glitch in Visual Studio 2010 which has haunted me for several years, across numerous different computers irrespective of the Windows version. It happens in both the express and ultimate editions. I have tried restarting my computer, instead of using shutdown, which did not help.

After coding for a period of time, I will make a change to my C code, for example changing something or perhaps adding a message box. However, this change does not appear in the executable, and I often make numerous changes before I realise this glitch has happened.

I have made a habit of clicking save all, save, Clean Solution, and then Build. There are no errors, warnings, and I can check the executable was not in the release folder before compilation.

I routinely lose hours of progress from this bug, as I am mislead into thinking my bug fixes are incorrect, when in actual fact Visual Studio has decided to ignore my changes. It appears to occur when I am rapidly recompiling my executable because I am only making small changes, such as changing strings, and I need then execute the binary to check the changes.

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