What is Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.Generator in Analyzers? Where does it come from, how are they generated and how can you remove them?


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I am currently working on project using ASP.Net Core in Visual Studio Professional 2019. I am currently getting a CS8032 Warning saying that the analyzer highlighted in the image above cannot be created even though the project runs fine without it and really see no need for the analyzer.

My goal is have the analyzer removed so that the analyzer isn’t tied to my computer. I am aware that analyzers are used to find potential problems in my ASP.Net Core project but I really see no need for that specific analyzer to be dependent on my project.

I have looked online and the only thing close to my issue is which is a workaround quick-fix solution. However, it doesn’t answer my question about where Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.Generator in Analyzers comes from and how they are generated:

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