antlr visitor: lookup of reserved words efficiently

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I’m learning Antlr. At this point, I’m writing a little stack-based language as part of my learning process — think PostScript or Forth. An RPN language. For instance:

10 20 mul

This would push 10 and 20 on the stack and then perform a multiply, which pops two values, multiplies them, and pushes 200. I’m using the visitor pattern. And I find myself writing some code that’s kind of insane. There has to be a better way.

Here’s a section of my WaveParser.g4 file:

    value_operator |
    stack_operator |
    logic_operator |
    math_operator |


  DUP |
  EXCH |
  POP |
  COPY |
  ROLL |

BIND is just the bind keyword, etc. So my visitor has this method:

antlrcpp::Any WaveVisitor::visitAny_operator(Parser::Any_operatorContext *ctx);

And now here’s where I’m getting to the very ugly code I’m writing, which leads to the question.

Value::Operator op = Value::Operator::NO_OP;

WaveParser::Value_operatorContext * valueOp = ctx->value_operator();
WaveParser::Stack_operatorContext * stackOp = ctx->stack_operator();
WaveParser::Logic_operatorContext * logicOp = ctx->logic_operator();
WaveParser::Math_operatorContext * mathOp = ctx->math_operator();
WaveParser::Flow_control_operatorContext * flowOp = ctx->flow_control_operator();

if (valueOp) {
    if (valueOp->BIND()) {
        op = Value::Operator::BIND;
    else if (valueOp->DEF()) {
        op = Value::Operator::DEF;
else if (stackOp) {
    if (stackOp->DUP()) {
        op = Value::Operator::DUP;

I’m supporting approximately 50 operators, and it’s insane that I’m going to have this series of if statements to figure out which operator this is. There must be a better way to do this. I couldn’t find a field on the context that mapped to something I could use in a hashmap table.

I don’t know if I should make every one of my operators have a separate rule, and use the corresponding method in my visitor, or if what else I’m missing.

Is there a better way?

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