Outlook VSTO MSI installer not loading Add-in after installation


I’ve created an Outlook VSTO that works just fine when installing with clickOnce.
To make things easier for deployment I created a project with Visual Studio Installer Setup.
I then generate the primary output for the project and include the published .vsto and .manifest files:

Setup print

After having created/compiled the msi setup, i run the installer and finish the installation but then no add-in is loaded into Outlook nor available in the Add-ins. I confirmed that all files are correctly extracted for the defined installation folder…

Installation complete

Also i can see that it was added to Remove/Add programs…

enter image description here

What am i missing to make it load the add-in after running the msi ?

Is there some option for being VSTO ?
I have searched online for help but i was not able to find a proper solution.

Thank you in advance.

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