Windows installation copies files "too fast"

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I am helping someone install Windows on a new SSD, but so far it hasn’t worked out.
I think the following things are relevant:

  • The SSD is brand new
  • SMART data says it’s in perfect health
  • The SSD is installed into the PC with a PCIe card
  • A different SSD in the same slot does boot on the PC
  • This SSD plugged into the other PC doesn’t work either, not for booting and not for installing.
  • Different USB’s for the Windows installation make no difference
  • I have reformatted the SSD several times
    • Using the installer, diskpart, Explorer, disk manager, Gparted and nvme-util command line utility on Linux ("regular" and secure erase)
  • Whenever running the installation, the first step, Copying files, is done in like 2 seconds and jumps from 0% straight to 100%.
  • I ran the Windows installation troubleshooting tool and it said there was something wrong with the installation files.
  • The PC is relatively old, but since the other SSD does boot, I don’t think it’s a compatibility question.

My conclusion is there’s something wrong with the SSD, but I don’t know what and if it’s fixable or not, or if the SSD is just broken somehow.
Any help much appreciated!

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