Ada state in Image processing and Machine learning

  ada, c++, image-processing, machine-learning

Recently, I do some math projects with Ada. After that, I found that Ada can interface with low-level, and high-performance languages like Fortran and C/C++. It is also good at concurrence processing (I don’t know it same with parallel processing or not). Now, I want to do Machine learning and Image processing projects. The speed and memory are very critical for me and must be optimized.

My questions are:

Is Ada has a good library for Machine learning or Image processing or both? How is the speed of math performance in Ada rather than python or Matlab?

Is interfacing between Ada kernel and C/C++ for Machine learning, and Image processing lead to good speed? How about using the property of concurrence processing?

Is Ada can have an interface with Julia and Python?

I will appreciate any comments that give me a little help and forgive me for writing shortcomings.

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