DLL Load Failure – Anaconda, MLWIC2

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I’m running the MLWIC2 package for R which is supposed to classify camera trap photos for the first time. And at the same time, learning Anaconda/python for the first time. And I keep getting stopped at this error.

classify(path_prefix = "C:/Users/bird_/Desktop/C7_07162019",
data_info = "C:/Users/bird_/Desktop/image_labels.csv",
model_dir ="C:/Users/bird_/Desktop/MLWIC2_helper_files",
python_loc = "C:/Users/bird_/anaconda3/envs/enviro",
save_predictions = "model_predictions.txt",
architecture = 'resnet',
depth = 18,
top_n = 5,
batch_size = 128,
make_output = TRUE,
output_name = "MLWIC2_output.csv", num_cores = 16,
num_classes=1000 )

Your data_info file exists: C:/Users/bird_/Desktop/image_labels.csv.
Your `path_prefix exists: C:/Users/bird_/Desktop/C7_07162019.
You are running on a Windows computer.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "run.py", line 14, in
import numpy as np
File "C:Usersbird_ANACON1envsenvirolibsite-packagesnumpy_init_.py", line 140, in
from . import distributor_init
File "C:UsersbirdANACON1envsenvirolibsite-packagesnumpy_distributor_init.py", line 34, in
from . import _mklinit
ImportError: DLL load failed: The specified module could not be found.
The classify function did not run properly.

I’m running it in an Anaconda environment with python 3.7, with numpy 1.16.0 (tried 1.16.4 too), and tensorflow 1.14.0.

I have reinstalled and updated Microsoft Visual C++, I have manually added msvcp71.dll into the system files and into the DLL file under anaconda3. I have tried adding to the PATH ~/Library/bin, I have uninstalled and reinstalled numpy. I am running out of options that already exist on the internet. I realize this might be an esoteric problem but the package repository hasn’t been updated for a while (hence the older versions of packages). Can anyone help???


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