As an admin, I cannot schedule for a user account a Task Scheduler for an UAC program

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As an admin, I am scheduling my task for another user by doing this .bat command to schedule for ANOTHER_USER :
schtasks /create /tn AlarmClock /tr C:ProgramDataAlarmClock.exe /sc onlogon /ru ANOTHER_USER /RL HIGHEST

However, if ANOTHER_USER is not admin, the task will not be executed (I get the fallowing message : the requested operation requires elevation). However, I have to keep the /RL HIGHEST tag because the program is using UAC privileges. If I manually allow the program to be run by everyone (in AlarmClock.exe>Properties>Security>Allow Full Control) & I remove the /RL HIGHEST tag, it will still not work because of some elevation-related requirements.

Can someone please open me with some new sources of informations because I am running short of ideas…

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