Weird Active Directory DNS Issue

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I am having a DNS issue I cannot figure out. For one specific hostname, when I create an A record, the name ends up changing when it replicates to the other DNS servers in AD.

We currently have two virtual DC/DNS servers & one physical DC/DNS server and replication is working between them. But for whatever reason when I create the record on any server, once it gets to the other ones it has an accent over one letter and the server I created it on has two entries. One with the accent and one without the accent but with the same IP.

There is only one record in the reverse lookup zone the IP is in, and I cannot create an A record or a CNAME without the accent on the servers the record is replicated to, Windows sees the text as the same.

My guess is somewhere on the servers is a remnant of the mistake I made when I initially created the record (copied and pasted without thinking) and that is causing the current issue. If anyone has any suggestion on where to look in order to fix this, I would be very grateful.

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