Please hlep me to creat like the picture, I want to make a notification app

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Hi, I am a beginner in an android studio. It is my first time creating and using coding with a computer. I haven’t met a coding ever 🙁
I study coding now and my purpose is to create an app like the picture. It is a notification app. For example, if I have an assignment, sometimes I forget it, so I think I need something app which can notice me with sound. I hope I can check the date with the assignment. So the picture is the interface that I want to make. I hope I can slide it but I think it is too hard for me.
I think I can create it from nothing, so I want to follow some youtube or some coding that I can be referred. Could somebody share coding or give me a youtube link or something that I can study… 😭
I have hung with it for 2 weeks…

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