Is it possible to use the AWS C++ SDK to download a presaged url file

  amazon-s3, c++, pre-signed-url, s3transfermanager

Is it possible given a provided presigned URL to download the file using AWS C++ SDK transferManager.downloadFile or a similar function.

Usually you can pass and s3client to the transfer manager and call download file passing in the Bucket and the object path.
These can be read from the presigned url. As presigned urls are in the format below:

would it be possible to decode/feed in the presigned key to AWS credentials class?
or feed in the presigned url directly?

For context customer is providing us with presigned url’s to file over 5gb which are unsupported in the standard get/put command.

Note: In java there is simply a download function that accept the presigned url. This Doesn’t work in C++ and changing language is not an option.

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