std::vector dynamic buffer [closed]

  3d, c++, glsl, opengl

I need to load a 3D model in OpenGl. All Files (vertex_shader, fragment_shader, 3dmodel.h, 3dmodel.cpp, model_loader.cpp…)

Now I have to add missing code parts and I just dont have a single clue what to do here:

"Using std::vektor<Vertex_data>, combine vertices, normals and uv´s into a single buffer"

I never did anything in c++ let alone glsl. So I dont have any Idea what anything of this is. Although with my little experience in Java I was able to add the rest of the code that if I figure this out I think the code would run..

Also in every tutorial I watched, the whole code looked completely different from the one I have here with barely any similarities..

Can anyone explain what to do here or give example code wich does this so i could learn from it?

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