Project migration from 32bit to 64bit not successful

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I am working on a project that includes 15 projects in C++. This project was developed in 2010 for the 32bit architecture. Now, I want to port this project to 64bit.

First, I compiled it with a 32bit configuration in VS2019. The code compiles successfully, but the executables generated do not work. I assume this issue may be due to compatibility issues of 32bit architecture with 64bit architecture.

That’s why I changed the configuration to 64bit. I added the path for 64bit libs in project properties, and replaced third party libs with 64bit versions. But when I compile the code, it fails and the error states:

X files are not found

When I checked external dependencies, those files are not showing there, which were there in the 32bit configuration.

So, I checked the projects to which files belonged, and I found out for those projects, even though I changed their configuration, are still running in a 32bit configuration. When I change individual projects to 64bit and close the configuration manager, they change back.

Can anyone tell me the reason for this, and how I can solve this issue?

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