Reset by accident disk in windows storage pool

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By accident I did an reset on a disk in a working windows storage pool. There are 2 drives in a mirror, both 6 Tb. Now I get a warning for the disk that I reset. I read I have to do in Powershell a repair-vitualdisk. I see my disk with get-physicaldisk, but I do not see disk in get-virtualdisk. This last command I need for seeing the Friendlyname (which is different then get-physicaldisk).

In get-storagejobs, I see 2 jobs, repairing virtualdisk, but the state is suspended.

How can I repair my storage pool.

Maybe format the disk I reset, and then add it again to the pool?
Will it be added then again in a mirror?

The other disk is still in the pool and works oke.

Cab someone help me and give me the correct Powershell commands? Or is it possible in te Windows GUI?

Thanks for your help.

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