How do I show 2 different numbers on a 2 digit 10 pin 7 segment display?

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int a = 13;
int b = 6;
int c = 11;
int d = 10;
int e = 9;
int f = 8;
int g = 7;
int digit1 = 5;
int digit2 = 4;
void setup()
  pinMode(a, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(b, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(c, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(d, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(e, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(f, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(g, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(digit1, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(digit2, OUTPUT);


void six() {
  digitalWrite(a, LOW);
  digitalWrite(b, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(c, LOW);
  digitalWrite(d, LOW);
  digitalWrite(e, LOW);
  digitalWrite(f, LOW);
  digitalWrite(g, LOW);
  digitalWrite(digit1, HIGH);

  void nine() {
  digitalWrite(a, LOW);
  digitalWrite(b, LOW);
  digitalWrite(c, LOW);
  digitalWrite(d, LOW);
  digitalWrite(e, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(f, LOW);
  digitalWrite(g, LOW);
  digitalWrite(digit2, HIGH);
void loop()

I have got this code in which I want to show the number 69 on my display but all it is showing is 66 Can anyone tell me what the problem is and if it is in the code or the wiring (in the wiring diagram i couldn’t find a 2 digit display but i used a 1 digit one as it has the same amount of pins so keep in mind that the wiring is for a 2 digit one).

[Thanks in advance.
wiring diagram

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