Creating UWP apps. ANy suggestions or help on performing the task below?


Create a UWP Application that will be used to create and test the use of custom Gamer objects.
Part A

Write a class representing a Gamer object, which could be used for tracking points among players who
are playing games.
All Gamers would have the following:
Properties (choose appropriate data types)
 • Name
• Screen Name
• Join Date
• Win Count (how many times the player has won a game)
• Points Earned
• Create at least 2 other properties which can be used to describe a Gamer
Methods (choose appropriate return types and input parameters)
• Constructor
• ToString
• Win
o Add to the win count
o Increase the gamer’s points earned
• Lose
o Decrease the gamer’s points
o The point value should never decrease less than zero
• Quit
o Set the point value and win count to zero
• Create at least 1 other method which can be called upon to take an action on/using a Gamer
Part B
Create a user interface which will allow users to perform the following actions:
• Create a new Gamer object by filling in / selecting various options (enter name, screen name, etc)
• Validate the entered information
  • Gamer name cannot be blank

  • Join date contains appropriate information

  • Include validation for your custom properties as well

  • Interact with the Gamer after it has been created

  • For example the user could click a button to Quit the game – in the button click event
    handler method, call the existing Gamer’s Quit method.

  • Display current information about the created Gamer on screen

  • Ensure this is updated every time the user modifies the Gamer object

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