Get the SourceRange of explicit template instantiations using clang AST library

  abstract-syntax-tree, c++, libtooling

In the following c++ source file:

1 //file my_func.cpp
2 void template<typename Bar> foo(Bar& bar) {
3     // some code
4 }
5 template void foo<double>(double&);

I want to get the beginning and the end of the explicit instantiation of the function template foo in form of a clang::SourceLocation.

I have tried:

clang::FunctionDecl* FS; //the AST node for the foo<double> function obtained by some AST matcher
if(const clang::FunctionTemplateSpecializationInfo* TSI = FS->getTemplateSpecializationInfo()) {
    clang::SourceLocation = TSI->getPointOfInstantiation();

This location will be line 5 and column 15 (the begin of "foo").
I have not found a way to obtain the begin of the complete explicit instantiation and the end.
Is there a way to achieve this?

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