Running Kafka on Windows but getting Access denied exception for logs folder

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I’ve been trying to run both zookeeper and kafka 2.13 on my local windows machine. I have modified the server properties to point to c:/kafka/kafka-logs and zookeeper data to point to c:/kafka/zookeeper-data.

The zookeeper starts without any issues but when I attempt to start kafka with


I get the below error saying AccessDeniedException. I have already tried the below:

  1. Deleting the kafka-logs and zookeeper-data folders and running both zookeeper and kafka again – I still run into the error if I do that
  2. Creating the kafka-logs folder before running kafka – I still get the access denied exception
  3. Running the command prompt as administrator before typing the commands – does not work

enter image description here

Could anyone give some suggestions on how to fix this?

Thank you

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